Wikiup Ritual - Scout Camp #1

Wikiup Ritual - Scout Camp #1

from 25.00

Ready to Play a Game?

Join the Feralithics crew as they perform natural shelter building, learn primitive skills, share communal meals, and delight in the bounties of nature.

Cost $50

Limit 10 people



9:00AM Meet up at site, set-up camp

9:30AM Basics of Survival Shelter Building

10:00AM Wikiup Construction

12:00PM Break for Lunch, Foxtails

1:00PM Continue Wikiup Construction

7:00PM Break for Dinner

9:00PM Shenanigans and Stories with the Shadows



Given the small and intimate nature of the event, please be prepared to be granted a “role” to “play” for the event. It’s an optional and temporary identity (role-playing!) that may be granted based on merit, talents, and skills observed in the participants.


Sign up by emailing or by purchasing here.

Please note if you’re interested in the following in your email:


Communal Meals



Rain or shine! Come Prepared!



Please collaborate and coordinate with other participants (all info will be exchanged between members with permission.


Sleeping Arrangements:

You have the option of bringing and sleeping in a tent with your own gear. However, there will be an opportunity for you to experience sleeping in a naturally built shelter that you contributed to!

Hard Mode: No sleeping bag in the wikiup! Blankets only!


Gear List:

BANDANA or equivalent! Tent, Good Outdoor Shoes for PNW Weather, Sharp Knife, LAYERS! Camping Gear, Water, Food

Optional: Saw, Hatchet, Axe

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