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The Guild


We are who we are...

for many reasons. But together it's different. Many ones make a whole. We've found camaraderie and belonging with each other. Together we are building a life and making a living. We invite you on this journey with us if you are of like mind. The cast and crew of this particular movie are passionate, forward-looking, and empowered.



Feralithics embraces a new radiant, cooperative, and tribal way of being, which culminates in a habitat for at-risk youth to learn about and engage with the natural world, as well as a space for all community members to participate in permaculture, natural building, regenerative agriculture, ancestral skills, wilderness immersion, and other critical living skills for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Feralithics is a cooperative striving to introduce the regional community to a regenerative permaculture lifeway. Take a breath and imagine our vision: “As you enter the land, you are first greeted by a bustling farm stand stocked with produce grown just yards away, locally sourced artisan crafts, and permaculture tools and resources. Adjacent to the farm stand sits The Cascadia Harvest, our carbon neutral mobile food truck, serving this week’s menu highlighting our seasonal harvest. A trail leads to the front 10 acres that are bustling with activity that befits a communally held and operated farm. All-around plots of land are being worked by animals and humans alike, as children run along playing in the fields. An instructor leads a small group of teenagers on an ethnobotany course held in a small outdoor classroom that doubles as a medicinal garden. In the distance, one can see numerous structures dotted throughout the landscape, classrooms, workshops, barn, sheds, a common house, and several private dwellings hidden throughout the nearby forest. A network of rope bridges and zip lines connects several treehouses together. Medicinal herb gardens, annuals, perennials, outdoor showers, ponds, cob ovens, and an amphitheater dot the landscape.”

A Cooperative Structure

To Achieve Our Vision, we have decided to embrace our tribal heritage through the most modern tribe structure available to us - a business formed as a cooperative. A Cooperative is exactly what it sounds like - a collaborative way of working together to produce mutual benefit and equity for all members of the cooperative.

Membership & Patronage

Every year our cooperative reassess and alters our membership structure as necessary. This year we have created tiers in order to facilitate more fundraising, outreach, and community activities.

Please visit our Patreon for more information on membership tiers.