Josh Doyle

Born in Ventura, CA and transplanted to Visalia, CA at a young age, Josh grew up spending the school year in suburbia and the summers outside in the wild - hiking trails and learning to lasso Alligator Lizards. His undergrad years were spent at California State University, Monterey Bay, where a myriad of subjects were studied, with a focus on film and political sciences. The first years of his professional life were spent at an ocean technology manufacturing company where he learned the rigors of small business on an international stage. Permaculture was a long-held latent interest held by Josh and he soon found himself attending Alderleaf Wilderness College in WA state after about 5 years in ocean tech. Alderleaf reawakened his passion for the natural world and soon he would putting his entrepreneurial spirit towards ancestral ways of life and permaculture, culminating in the founding of Feralithics.




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-Josh D. 

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Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program (Honors)

California State University, Monterey Bay (ISSM*)


Track & Sign III in Western Washington -

Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Emergency Epinephrine - Wilderness Medicine Training Center International

Permaculture Design Certificate


10+ years - Graphic Design, Photography, Video Production

5+ years - Business Processes Replacement & Implementation

4+ years - Proven Customer Service, domestic & international

3+ years - Management Experience


Business Operations Manager - Desert Star Systems LLC - 2016-2017

Technical Writing & Content Generation - Desert Star Systems LLC - 2015-2016


Food Not Bombs - Monterey, CA - 2009-2011

Monterey Peace and Justice Center - Seaside, CA - 2011

Scholarships, Courses, Solo, and other projects

Alderleaf Permaculture Farm - Monroe, WA - 2017

Ecology, Community, & Indigenous Spirituality in the High Amazon - Tarapoto, Peru - 2011

NAACP Monterey - Seaside, CA - 2011, 2015

*Integrated Studies Special Major