Games Can Save the World...

Jane McGonigal said it best.  And we agree. Games can and will change the world. They already have, and now it's time to take that to the next level.

Alternate Reality Gaming For Sustainability

The unprecedented dual crises of climate change and cultural upheaval require a concerted effort to reverse our collective trajectory and ford a new path ahead. Permaculture, sustainability, and bioremediation are our callings. Reconnecting with the natural world, sharing the infinite love and creativity of the human spirit, and enjoying this wonderful and magical existence - these are our dances.


Would like to play a game with us?

Post-Scarcity Community Praxis

Edible forest gardens are one way to demonstrate what life could be like. Imagination is the key, but there are examples abound. We'd like to show you around.

Welcome to Cascadia.